Sunday, 21 July 2013

Pacific Rim: Neural Bridge and Drift

I wondered why the movie is titled as Pacific Rim. I could formulate this: the aliens have opened a window, a bridge to enter our world. This window is in the form of ring hence called as rim. And it is opening inside the Pacific Ocean. Therefore title of the movie is Pacific Rim.

I am not impressed by the idea behind the title of the movie but I am very much interested in the idea of forming neural bridge with the machine and going in drift to form the strong bond with the machine and the partner. One partner is left hemisphere and other is right hemisphere of the brain of machine. Is it possible to have such a strong bond with other where one can share everything in the head with the other?    

What will happen to loneliness? We will be able to become two bodies and one mind. Is it possible when penis is inserted into vagina, then there is possibility of formation of neural bridge. With each movement one moves inwardly in a drift and connects to one another at a higher level bond. And when reaches orgasm it could be height of drift and strength of the bond. Clearly, one reaches the physical closeness but what happens to psychic space. This could be further examined upon experimenting later.

Coming back to movie, it is quite predictable with machines defeating the sea aliens and closing the Pacific Rim, that is the bridge between the two universes, through nuclear explosives. One could also try to drift into the mind of sea alien. Is it possible that we can drift into somebody’s mind and see what’s going on in their head and control it? Do we do the same during our meetings? We influence each other. We drift into each other’s head. The movie Source Code speaks about entering into some one’s head and taking control of the body. I think this is fantastic idea and can be further explored in social psychology.


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