Monday, 17 June 2013

"Every second counts" Reflection of 127 hours movie

"There is no force more powerful than will to live"

It is exciting to explore and go beyond one's limit intentionally. But when the fate turns and limitation becomes daunting, then there is helplessness, humility and a will. Will to live and survive.
After amputating his right hand and escaping the stuck in boulder in a canyon, he said "Thank you". The experience taught him something. Aron learned to love his mom and dad and relationships. He began to understand his supreme selfishness is causing all the problem.  He began to become social. He loved trekking and climbing but now he does not use them a way to escape the people in his life.
Therefore he leaves a message about where he is going.
James was natural and it was pleasing to see his savage wandering. It is above each human being to live in such a adrenaline situation everyday. To lose control from squeezing canyons and drop in the pond or to do cycling in the canyon and fall down and take  picture. It is fun and it keeps one going.
What is life?
Loving and living relationships. Most importantly living. There is desire to survive and live. People are important.
He hallucinates and see delusional images of his childhood. He imagines the party. He thinks about cola advertisements. It is more of what he was thinking, then it was for the audience. He was thirsty when he was stuck in the boulder. His only companion was his video recorder. He could converse with it and express himself. There is a need to talk, below the food, water and sex.
Was it easy to amputate his right hand?
I don't think so. It is terrible thing to do. I had  the idea when he was stuck there, that the only way to escape is to cut his right hand. But one needs some madness to do so, and after being completely trapped and have no hope is actually right time to be savage and cut one's own hand.
What does Aron wants?
He wants excitement and wants to keep going. He wants speed. He likes his heart beat racing. He likes to swim. He is like any middle aged adult who wants to do something. He wants to endanger his inner world. He likes it when it is racing.

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