Monday, 17 June 2013

Easy A. What is A? Grade or adultery?

The film has various loose ends, but considering the main plot of movie is the book "the Scarlet Letter "and its similarity with life of Emma Stone. What is wrong about lying about having sex? The reason why she lied because she felt sad for helpless people. But this act was being used by other people in wrong ways. And therefore making Emma feel like a slut much more than she deserve. Can we go against norms when no one is seeing you? Or can we know go against norms but lie about it that we went against it? In a world where we try our best to commit a foul and go unseen, there is a girl, Emma Stone who wears a letter "A" just near her breast and flaunt it, to be proud of her lied loss of virginity. This would be my first theme, virginity and feelings around it. As a teenager, I was curious about and was ashamed of telling that I am virgin. In high school, I had no idea what actually virginity means!
I wanted to have sex but I was too shy to talk about it. Hence, I was satisfied with my daily masturbation! Emma Stone was very articulate and smart, I wish I was that smart and not that dumb as I was. Emma never lost her virginity, but she lied about it.
Then second theme would be "love affair as in 80's". She wanted a guy who loves her normally. A man who would feel special to have win her heart. The man who feel achieved and proud of getting her love. She won that in the end. I mostly always believed in love as a grown up in 20's. I was not sure about myself, hence my love during teenagers. I felt strong love during school, they remained silent because of not strong voice I could feel. I was not at home with my voice. I felt it was not okay to feel like that. And nobody actually told me it was okay. It was, one day, when I was in love with a girl, who held my hand and took me for a night walk and we roam around till 2 am, that I believed that this is love and it is true. I begin to found my voice. I needed the love to trust my voice. :)
Then third theme could be religion and sex. We see how pastor who says adultery is bad, actually watches porn. Religion tells us not to have sex before marriage. But is more about the guy than the religion or some other thing. If you really trust a guy and love him and think he is the right one, then go as it goes. Have the perfect sex when it is perfectly timed.. that is may be 5 minutes from now or 30 minutes or may be 6 months or may be after marriage, whenever you are comfortable. The trust should be on partner, not on third eye like religion, society, etc. You know your partner loves you an will never leave you, it is not society or religion that should affirm it.
How a responsible guidance counsellor could have sex with a 21 year old student and can cheat her husband? It was shockingly real in the movie. It happens actually.  It is shocking because it against society norms, but it is because husband is not aware of it. So this tell me that I believe in one man-woman relationship. If one is committed to one, then they must not cheat or cause infidelity. So I am not a Hippy, Rasta, or a Bob Marley types in terms of sexuality.
I have seen faces of guys who looks mature and real. I want to be one of them. It reminds me of the Siddharta by Hermen Hesse, where the face of "One" has something mysterious to it. We all want to have that face. We all want to become "One".

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