Thursday, 24 July 2014

Nature of Success

What is success? It has to do something with achievement, to start with. It could be completing education with positive results or getting a job of choice with handsome salary. Money has gender and it is masculine. Handsome, not beautiful. Success could also be from other factors like finding a suitable partner in relationship. For a baby, successfully learning toilet training. Being able to walk. Being able to exist in a group and have an identity. All the developmental milestone could be success when achieved.
The dictionary meaning of success is "An event that accomplishes its intended purpose" (WordWeb).
Anything that I or you wish or plan to do and by following sequence of actions by us, it has been achieved then it will be success. Success is so much over rated term because in everyday, every hour of life, we achieve so much successes. The strive to  wake up early in the morning is often one of our first battles where we achieve success or failure. Right from brushing teeth to taking bath and dressing up, we run through a series of battle we accomplish sometimes easily and other times forcefully.
In order to be live a life, one has to carry on each day with certain amount of success that are taken for granted. This brings to the idea of saying Thank you to everyone you know in the evening and it releases so much stress and makes one feel at ease with life. Refer to this
Thanks is one of the insights, mentioned in this blog. From this blog:
Simply saying 'Thanks' in the evening. The gratitude. For reflecting that it was difficult and we lived along and fought them. The fears we faced and reached somewhere. We know it was hard for you. And it is still for you, You still have been trying hard. We want to say "Thank you" to you. Besides many difficulties you have kept on going. We thank you.

This is absolute success. I mean it is real success, of course not absolute. We feel so tired and there is nobody to appreciate us. These success are taken for granted. We see bigger things, and yes they matter to us. Sometimes losing the bigger things, like not getting perfect job, or separation in a relationship affects us deeply and we give up eating, sleeping and all those small achievements that lays our foundation to live functionally in society. It makes us ill, according to society and self. Either we choose to play the society's game or we quit and became outcast or suffer discrimination in the form of illness. Nobody likes a loser if a loser is shouting and is angry. Everyone likes a loser who congratulates a winner. A loser who loses but plays according to society. Some one who appreciates what society values even if he/she was not able to achieve it.
A failure to not able to get a good job. Is it a real failure? It does feel like. But a good failure will not stop you. You will not give up, this is what a motivational and inspirational gurus teaches you and me.
Can it ever stop from endless success? If we stop ourselves then it is possibility that we might decay. It is like a college student who stops education and does not pursue any activity in group like job or studies. One who begins to stay away from any contact. It is like a gap year which is very much sold these days like go on backpacking, etc. But the real gap cannot be filled by ways of society. It is struggle to reach a point zero. It is an effort to become deprived.
Could it result in death? Certainly coming back is difficult and one might go through mental illness.
Nobody likes a failure who choses failure. Nobody like a "real gap".
There is no end to success. Like there is no end to money. One has to decide for one self that what is their optimum level that can guide them in living a optimum life. Neither too flourishing nor too declining. Just in-between. This is for one of the reason why being in between is important. It means being closer to truth without losing capacity to survive.
Many people live their whole life being successful until they get old and realize that they have lived their whole life and they are now bounded by their old body and then they attempt to get free and live like a bird. Then society has plan for it. The travel itineraries and train journey in comfortable AC first class. One realizes one has worked so much and accumulated so much money for what? This is the time. It is false freedom.
The "real freedom" to let oneself free from society but it has to be done 'in-between' without decaying too rapidly. It is knowing and travelling the world without a physical map. It is living among locals and talking their language. It is without losing connection with society. So it is okay and healthier to be on Facebook and posting updates sometimes and other times just living freely.

This post inspires me in two ways. One is to write a diary about my gap years and second to really not bind myself and go travelling. :)

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Jonathan Livingston Seagull: Richard Bach

The book is tale of a seagull named as Jonathon Livingston. The bird, seagull, are not known for their flying skills. In one of such community or Flock, Livingston struggles. The Flock majorly used flying to gather food. The food is the ultimate aim of life. In the Flock, it is valuable if one spends time in finding ways to gain more food. But investing energy in flying is waste of time for them. Livingston has the free will and he differs from his Flock and his parents. He finds learning to fly is much more interesting activity than spending all time in looking for food. It is waste and pointless life that many seagull were living, according to Jonathon.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull Cover
He kept on learning his flying skills. He mastered many moves in speed. After the elders of Flock found out about Livingston's flying, he was asked to stand in the Centre of Shame and was outcast from the Flock. There as he grew older, he found another seagull who knew a lot about flying. They took him to another place, called higher level.
With flying, another conquest becomes of time and space. Livingston learns about flying from his senior. His master leaves the place and vanishes to another place. One aims to reach perfection. The perfection cannot be achieved with numbers. It is because numbers will always create limits.
Livingston feels home calling and chooses to return back to his flock from where he was outcast. He finds the fellow outcast young students and then stays in the Flock. Everyday new seagulls joins them in a hope to learn the flying. Then Livingston too vanishes, leaving the command to Fletcher Seagull.

I think there can be no further levels after Jonathan vanishes because Livingston has mastered the existence in time space. The movement from one place to another only happens when we realize we have moved physically. It is possible that we are still with same thoughts and our mind has not travelled anywhere.
In our thoughts we move and where do we take refugee? Does our mind have a home?
Does the physical world resemble for psychological world? Many great teachings teaches about dying psychologically to be alive in every moment. Without our a body, a mind may or may not exist. The body is the form in which this mind has rested upon. When we talk about mind and body, we must also be reminded that they are spaces where they can be differentiated and where it is hard to separate.

Livingston does teach about living independently. I think making a Flock, gain for flying would be another trap and mindless life of seagull. It is political to try to change the mind of seagull and show them that learning to fly is best thing to do. It has to come within like it came to Livingston. It has to be learned on one's own like Livingston learned it or Siddhartha (By Hermann Hesse) did. One has to live it on his own. One has to know it before one can pursue freedom from known (By J Krishnamurti).

Jonathan Livingston Seagull is a good read for young mind. It will create some confusions but since it has positive and inspiring tone, it will not make them paranoid or rebellious. A young mind will have many questions after reading it about truth, life, destiny, norms, right or wrong, after life, death. There has to be someone to talk to them about these important philosophical topics. It will help in mental growth and as Bion says that mental growth is directly proportional to Truth. One will be closer to truth, if there is one.
Either there is one or all, other wise it is none. 

Friday, 11 July 2014

Freedom from the known - J Krishnamurti

The book "Freedom from Known" is negation to what is known to a person who has lived few or many struggles. It negates the usage of drugs that can help in surviving for some person. It negates the repetitive chanting that is working like magic for many lives. The kind of living which is available to us, the kind of life we have chosen for ourselves and we have worked hard for it to follow, both psychologically and physically, is refuted by the arguments in the book "Freedom from Known" by J Krishnamurti.

This book was printed in 1969. Krishnamurti was born in 1895. I can assume that the words in the book were lectured during 1960s. By this logic, Krishnamurti was in his 60s when he spoke about ideas and his desire to be free from known Of course it is difficult to say desire, or find words to say, because he, in the book, tells us to free one self from our known ways, our conditioned desires. In no way he attempts to describe any method, hence in most part of the book he is challenging what we know.

By negating, he brings forth the idea of revolution from where we can see the world in different ways. We may think, act and feel differently. We are on a shared journey because everything exists in relationship. So wherever and at whatever one reaches will be bring change for many.
It is difficult to give up the known ways. The known ways holds us and we survive on that. We are addictive to them in positively way. Like we value confidence for success. But really, all this confidence and success is outwardly, shallow and materialistic. So in a way Krishnamurti raises the bar of human mind. He challenges the idea of individual and mentions the sameness of whole and its parts. He believes in total or completeness, whether it is attention awareness, revolution or human being.

It comes an idea that there could be alternative path of living. The one we are following is one of them, but it is not complete. Just like there is a way to know through language, but there are other forms as well like intuition.

The world we know, is brutal and full of violence. Therefore we must make an attempt to free ourselves from the known. This book can be very-very difficult for young minds. It would be difficult for them to understand the context. I could understand the ideas and their context but at the same time it is powerful because by negating the known, it favours renunciation. It could divert one from family, materialistic relationship and position in the society. Without them, Krishnamurti said you will be lonely, so be lonely. It is not easy. It may not be possible. There could be point in life when one can do it. For example a young boy without any education will not even be able to understand the written words in the book. To be able to divert of free (in total sense) oneself from known, one has to know the known, otherwise this journey will be very be shallow and less challenging.

Like Siddhartha, in a book by same name by Hermann Hesse, had to enter the Samsara to actually live on his own, not through books or with teachers. He had to live to know on his own. Then only one can struggle to free from known.
One may like to go back to reading it again and read other Krishnamurthi books to understand the detailed process of Violence, love, meditation, experience, time, pleasure, listening, thinking and observer and observed, that brings us closer to alternative reality, violence free world.

Monday, 7 July 2014

A tale of crappy Blogger

These days I have been sending request to bloggers to review my book. It is a way to know more about my book from different places about which I am hardly aware. Once I sent a group mail to many bloggers. then and there, was  a cheap blogger who in response to me, added every one in the thread. So it became a spam. But then I thought it was marketing stunt from this blogger. I ignored it. But I knew that I will not receive any good or mature reviews from this unethical blogger.

After a week I got a response from him. He wrote:-
 "We had gone through your book and we appreciate your efforts writing it.
Unfortunately, we didn't find it appropriate for our limited audience.
We wish you all the best for endavour and may you achieve the goal you desired with this book.
And please re-inforce your efforts to write even better

He always write "We" but there is no one, except his false self. He wants to sound like team and big company. Such a fake. I sent him a response:
"Can you elaborate on what do you mean by "appropriate"? It will certainly help me knowing not only about your limited audience but other readers as well. Don't share your reviews with your limited audience, if you like. But you can share with me in this "private thread". Please do so. I will appreciate that."

And then I also added "Also I think you should apologize for sending the mail to everyone in group mail. Of course for you it was cheap marketing stunt, but you should be aware of ethics. Nobody else had none of the business in your mail. You created spam.

Anyways you taught me not to group mail in future."

 I hope he gives me reply by explaining what is appropriate for him, not for his limited audience. I checked his blog, there are no comments and quality readers. Actually I do not want to hear from him. It will be difficult to engage with his pride and narcissism and intolerance.

The reality is that isn't there is already too much criticism for self published indie authors that some of these crappy bloggers needs to show off their fake standards at indie authors. They are fake and superficial because all they care about is their stats and page click on their blog. They join indieblogger, blogadda and blah blah, just to have more traffic. So that then they can sell their advertisements.I feel like shitting more at them (because of him) but I do not wish to break anything as my words are very powerful.

Anyways moving on in time, not in inner spaces because there will be another opportunity to engage with these response and I think it will be good idea to stay with it.


Sunday, 6 July 2014

Three golden suggestion when you are launching in self publishing as Author

Here you will find the three suggestions by Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, when you are launching yourself as self published author. They are:-

1) Never spend or invest money you need for food or shelter: this is fine because it is very rare that boo becomes successful. It takes lot of effort to work as self publisher author and it is difficult too. Success is not very frequent, hence it is best to avoid investing in it if you are left with money for food and shelter. Please do not take this risk. I agree with it.

2) Never Never borrow money to publish a book:- Again there are very less chances of getting any return or earning the money back. So please do not take loan to publish the book because it will be hard to pay it off.

3) Never purchase expensive "publishing packages": They all sound too good and promise you a best seller. They are fake. They only provide you service and then it is your task to make it a best seller which is very difficult and rare and may not happen. Please do not spend money on them.

I think these are very helpful, mostly the third one because once I fancied the idea to choose expensive package of Partridge publishing hoping that it will lead to success of my book. But it was not a good idea, I realize now. It is best to find good cheap services like editing, cover designing from a good self publisher like Cinnamon Teal and then work on marketing on your own. Notion Press shows lot of advertisement and is completely business minded. It says that you can make your book a best seller. But it must tell you that it is truth that you may not even sell a book. This is the business truth they must show.This is the most honest, though discouraging but truth..

It is struggle for self publisher, right from writing to editing to marketing to distribution. This is truth and reality. Please do not buy expensive packages because these self publishers are only making money. Please be sensible about self publishing. It is very enjoyable and hard working process. It is author or writer's responsibility all the time. You are on your own. And I like it because i know it. 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Living with Single Parent: a presentation

Source: BA (H) 1st year. Paper: Understanding Personality. Presentation with Gurpreet Suri

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Old age: closer to death?

I think about writing on old age. But I stop myself and let it be. No matter how hard it becomes. Let it be. Just go with it. It is night time. Day has been survived. So why worry now? Lets fall on the bed and forget every stress. What tomorrow will come will come. And we will survive. At least we will hope to.
What do I think about it? For sure an ageing old person is closer to death than anybody who is in late twenties. But I remember my vow that I have taken in the process of movement from teenage to adulthood that death can come anytime to us. I remember Buddhist teaching "Death is the beginning and we prepare our lives for it". Somewhere in the middle may be forget the vow. And death comes back to us when are aged. The death will infuse feeling of bitterness and negative disposition. I can not only see a struggle within the person but outside in people around the person.
For sure it is tough living both inside and outside. From inside there is hopelessness and depleting energy to survive this world. From outside it is a decision whether to live with them or not. Those who choose to live with an ageing old person will have tough time. There might be people who regret it. There might be people who take it out in therapy and struggle with it. There is no quick solution. So i think. Let it be and do not think.
With passing days I see the change in person. There is realization that what has changed. There is sense of loss and sadness that it will not come. With so much difficulty between us, we found something to bond. And we found that it has changed and we cannot do it as we did before. There is beginning. But it is only when there is end and we have moved on with memories. There is reflection and it integrates and bridge between the end and beginning.
The bad news is that if he's always been critical, grumpy, intrusive, or just plain mean, it's unlikely that old age and poor health will improve his personality much. The good news is that as an adult, you've probably become more confident in yourself and have learned to deal with him more effectively -- and if you haven't, now is your chance to learn. Believe it or not, it's possible to make your relationship work more smoothly so that you can help him through this stage of life.[1]
Following the same link from where I have posted the above quote:
1)Take time to prepare yourself
2) Line up support.
3) Bring in the experts
4) Consider your own role

There is list of other strategies too for coping day to day.
It is a different perspective when one begins to take initiative to take the role and acknowledge the difficulty after finding resources on online communities. There has been recurring themes in the difficult relationship. There is a constant arguments about different life goals and perspective. One wants to change another and does not give space to another.
We are the only one who has taken this decision to stay midst our own problem and future. The realization that I have role here actually helps but also creates boundaries and creates distances. Is this distance healthy? It is frightening. It is separation. Like the way I remember I used to tell myself I am the tutor to the fourth class student, not his brother, not father, not therapist. By this way I used to distance myself from him.I felt this was the right thing to do. The roles have capacity to distance us and to set boundaries.


Thursday, 19 June 2014

Do Small Businesses need Invoice Software?

I ask this question because at first I was tempted to find a Invoice software that can create standard invoice in Indian currency. I searched it around the internet. I looked for opens source software. I found various software. For example I tried simply invoices and various other software.

I had to make some changes in the format like changing currency or changing the position of biller to suit my choice of style. Then I wondered if I need to do so much work in setting a software, why not create the format in the Word doc file and publish it as pdf.
One needs to create a new document file. Then headline it with TAX INVOICE. On the left write down the details about one who has to pay. On the right hand side, add the biller details.
Create a table and add description about product purchased and its amount. In the notes provide the payment details so that client or customer knows the method of payment.
Here we go, it's done.
It may not seem professional but hey it is creative to use simpler ways of dong things. Sometimes business can be very difficult to manage and it is simpler solution to problems that can provide smoothness and efficiency in work.
People say they are evolving by using a software for Invoicing, I feel it is better to be traditional sometimes.

Do you have any better, simpler or creative way of doing Invoicing? Please Share.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Project Management tools for Writers

There is point where every ambitious writer thinks about bringing some order to chaos. I had no problems working MS word. I still prefer to write on Word. Recently as I hope to edit my work at several levels, I was looking for a software that can help me in organizing my work. I share with you few of the tools that I downloaded.

First I downloaded Ywriter5. It is project management tool that help in breaking novel into chapters and scenes. It helps in creating structure and allows mind to freely create or write. Before this I had several different word file and few handwritten notes on pages to bring the structure to my writing. Ywriter5 is definitely a very useful find in developing my work further and making it more intense. Now I know that I can handle complex data so I can go further deep in my writing focusing on specific moments in the plot and yet have a general and full view of the story. It is easier to manage. After importing my writing in the software, i will export to rtf file frmat which can be opened through MS word. Then I can take print outs and edit my writing again. Afterwards I can make changes online and revise the content. The content can safely edited in the structure.

Second software is Scrivener.It is a paid software. It can downloaded for 30 day (non consecutive- only those days on which it is used) trial period and later one needs to register it for around 50 dollars and then the consumer will be provided with a serial key and name through email to activate the full version.

I am satisfied with the functioning of Ywriter5 and at this moment I do not see any point in purchasing a paid software.I am sharing with you teh download links for both the software.

Here is the list of software for writers. Most of them are paid but it is useful to know about them. Check them here.


Friday, 13 June 2014

GoDaddy or BigRocks for Wordpress Hosting

There is a difference between and The downloaded themes from cannot be installed on One can only choose the themes from within The themes and templates downloaded and purchased from third party sites like themeforest cannot be installed on current version of is self hosting platform and provides paid connectivity to domain of your choice. If you wish to install wordpress theme downloaded from third party, you need to move out and find your own hosting.
Out of many the two companies that provides Wordpress hosting are BigRocks and GoDaddy.
BigRocks package starts from Rupees 59 per month but the package has to be purchased for 10 years in advance. For a yearly package, the basic plan costs Rupees 159 per month. The server is in US location. It provides 500 MB space and 2GB Transfer and 5 emails.
GoDaddy package for a start up starts at Rupees 99 per month. It includes 100 GB storage. It is premium Wordpress hosting platform that means it has been built specifically for Wordpress to optimize the speed, reliability and security of your site. It has 1000s of themes and plugins. The best of all it provides free domain for a year with the plan.
After reviewing the forums and community on the internet, there were mixed response for both the hosting platform. You can choose anyone depending upon your choice.
Many people opt for WordPress because they provide very classy designs, themes and templates that can attract customers. It is good option for aesthetic purposes. For personal blogging, blogger is not way behind. 
For other Wordpress hosting platform check out more Wordpress hosting 

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Set your goals high